An Open Letter to Readers Old and New

Dear Readers,

There is not much you can do when the rot sets in.

It always starts off small at first, like a tiny patch of damp in the corner of your ceiling. It spreads slowly like a shadow, seeping into the tiny cracks of your own creation reaching down into the very foundation of the thing you love, where it festers and oozes and multiplies.

And you don’t notice the damage until it’s too late.

You try in vain to mend the brokenness. You cover the cracks, and wash off the dark stains that tarnish your beloved thing’s once pristine appearance. But these are only temporary measures, and the more repairs you make, the bigger the problem becomes, the faster the damp stain spreads, the deeper it goes and the more distorted and alien the thing becomes until you no longer recognise it as your own.

And suddenly, the thing you created one Saturday morning 3 years ago is no longer home, it no longer fulfills your needs. It no longer suits your purpose.

Because you’ve changed too.

It is time to cut the chord and move on, and I would love to take you all with me.

So, I hope you will find a new home here too.

Chat soon,





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