Throwback Thursday: Goodbye

*A weekly post revisiting some of the previous fictional writing pieces from my old blog*

Continuing on from my short – lived blog series ‘character conversations’ – here is the second piece of dialogue-only fiction I wrote.


“You’re late.”
“I had quite a busy day, in case you didn’t see.”
“I saw.”
“Well what?”
“Aren’t you going to congratulate me?”
“Please forgive my impertinence, oh Lord and Master.”
“There’s no need to be sarcastic. I’ve had a difficult day full of difficult people. And you are the one thing in my life that is not supposed to be difficult.”
“So, is there enough room in that tub for one more?”
“I was just thinking about getting out actually. I’ve been in here for a while. Just lying here, waiting for you to walk through the door. Like the not-difficult person I am.”
“What’s wrong with you tonight?”
“You do know what tonight is don’t you?”
“Of course I know. That’s why I don’t want you to ruin it by …”
“By what? By having feelings? By being a typical woman after all? Forgive me, Paul, but like it or not I am not just a cold, calculating whore. Underneath all the fun and games and the sneaking around there is a woman who watched the man she loves being ripped away from her today. And you know what? It fucking sucks!”
“I know it sucks, Love. I do. And believe me when they were announcing the outcome, all I could think of was how each win was a loss for you and me. But, you understand why this has to end don’t you?”
“Don’t patronise me, Paul. I have a Masters degree in Psychology. I know why it has to end. I just don’t want it to.”
“Me neither. Come here.”
“I am going to miss you holding me like this.”
“You know what? Let’s not do this whole ‘I’m going to miss this-and-that thing. Let’s just make the next few hours a happy memory. One we can re-visit every so often.”
“When you are stuck playing happy families with your wife, and I get so jealous I could spit.”
“And when you find yourself a good, decent man who I am going to want to have murdered.”
“That won’t happen.”
“Sure it will. Eventually.”
“I’m going to wait for you. It’s only four years.”
“I couldn’t promise anything after four years, you know. I don’t know how long this could go on for. And even after it ends I will still be watched.”
“Just promise me tonight, even if it’s a lie, that we will be like this again in four years time? I need to have something to hope for, Paul. Four years from now, you and me, together again, for the rest of our lives. Promise me. Please.”
“I promise.”
“Okay, no more tears tonight. Grab the bubble bath and get that delicious body of yours into this tub.”
“You know I love you right?”
“I know. Oh and in case I forget to say so later on … Congratulations
Mr Prime Minister.”

*Originally published 28 June 2011


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