Novel Thoughts Entry 1: What to do after Inspiration Strikes

When does inspiration strike you?

I am a recreational runner and try to get to the gym a couple of times a week. When I first started running a few years ago, I used to rely on my iPod to get me through my 40-minute gym sessions, but about a year ago it broke and I was forced to run in silence until I got around to ordering a new one. 

I have run without music ever since. It took some getting used to at first, but now I can’t imagine running with anything other than the thoughts in my head. It is often during these runs, that I find inspiration. Somewhere between the heavy breathing and desperate kilometre/time calculations I rattle off in an almost obsessive way – sometimes, I will get the niggle of an idea for a story. These ideas usually stem from one of the many imaginary conversations I like to have with myself on a daily basis (other people do that too, right?). This little nugget of inspiration will grow as I continue to pound the treadmill. It will follow me through my cross-training cool down and my stretches, and out into the cold, cool West Hampstead evening air. 

But, by the time I get home, the surge and excitement has left me and I am left with this tiny seed – the promise of something special – and I have no idea what to do with it. 

What do you do after Inspiration strikes?

I have always written in sporadic bursts. I have never planned or researched an idea thoroughly (perhaps this is why I have been unsuccessful in every single one of my novel writing attempts in the past), and am never sure what the next step should be. How do I plant the seed and get it to grow? 

I found this sweet little infographic during a very quick Web search, and it has given me a little hint of where to go with my most recent idea:


It’s a bit simplistic, but I think has given me a good starting point. 

Fellow writers out there – any tips on how to get writing? 

*Infographic via: 


3 thoughts on “Novel Thoughts Entry 1: What to do after Inspiration Strikes

  1. I agree that listening to your body, yourself, nature and the road is better than music. As much first blog ever (“HAWKSEX”) reveals, hearing nature is much more entertaining than stuff put into your ear.

  2. I’ve begun learning how to use a tool called Evernote. Because I have a day job 😦 sometimes I get ideas there, or on the road, etc. Evernote will let you take notes and then synchs across all your systems, so something I clip or note when at lunch at work is “waiting” for me when I am home, likewise I can snap a picture on my cellphone and save it to an “ideas” folder for later. I want to WRITE all my great ideas, not have to spend time tracking them down.

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